How to do Guest Blogging in 2020: The Beginner’s Guide

Guest blogging isn’t a new term. It has been there for years. 

If you know me, you must know that I am a big-time guest blogging fanatic. The reason being, of course, the amazing benefits of guest blogging. 

Know more about me here.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging includes-

-Promotes brand name

-Develops brand authority

-Boosts SEO

-Builds quality backlinks

-Increases traffic

-Showcases work in front of a wider audience

-Builds portfolio and boosts online credibility.

And many more.

Every now and then I keep getting messages and emails regarding how to do guest blogging?

And this article is all about how I started with guest blogging and wrote for several huge publications.

For those who don’t know me, I am Charu Mitra Dubey, a freelance writer, and marketing expert. I started it all just a year back and now I contribute to some giant publications like- 

1. Entrepreneur India

2. Business2Community

3. Thrive Global

4. Hackernoon

5. GoDaddy Garage

6. ReadWrite 

But how did I end up writing for these publications? 

In 2017, I had no idea how to get started with freelance writing. I was merely a student who liked to blog and that too very inconsistently. Though I was very much influenced by people who contributed to publications like Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, etc. I also wanted to contribute to them because I wanted to backlinks for my website (it’s no longer alive!) and so I started preparing for it. I started to blog at Medium. 

Starting with Hackernoon

As said I started to blog on Medium and at the starting to understand what it really is, I simply republished my posts over there. And then one day, I got a request from Hackernoon to submit one of my blogs to their publication. After submitting the post over there I realized the power Medium publications. Till now even, the stories that I posted on Hackernoon are some of my most popular stories in Medium. 

Hackernoon is one of the biggest publications on Medium, ranking under the top 5 with over 417K followers. If you’re someone who wants to get started with Medium, I highly recommend you to contribute to Hackernoon. 

Want to Publish? Go and check out the form. 🙂


Medium (The Best Platform For Starting Guest Blogging)

After I understood the benefits of posting on Medium publications, I started to explore more and more publications and also how to pitch them. One of the best ways to pitch various publications is Smedian. 

Smedian allows you to directly apply for writing on most of the Medium pubs. 

Another way is to search for contribution forms. Like Hackernoon, many other publications have their own forms through which you can apply for contribution. 

All you need to do is Google. 

Checkout my Medium page here.

How did I start to write for Entrepreneur India? 

Honestly speaking, I always wanted to write for Entrepreneur’s online platform and that’s why I started to use LinkedIn because the online contribution form of LinkedIn requires your LinkedIn id. But I needed to boost my portfolio before pitching them. So, I used Medium to boost my portfolio. I applied to various publications and started to write for many like- 

1. Art+Marketing 

2. Marketing and Growth Hacking 

3. The Startup 

4. Writing Cooperative and a few more. 

Ultimately, I got selected and started to contribute to Entrepreneur India. But that was not through the contribution form. Want to know how I got into Entrepreneur India? Stay tuned! 

Any doubts? If yes, I am just an email away. 🙂 


Do you have a personal brand? 

how to do guest blogging in 2020: The Beginner's Guide

I know that’s a lame question. 

Of course, you have one. 

But the question is- Do you work on boosting your personal brand? 

If you’re even a bit interested in boosting your personal brand then trust me writing for big publications is the best way. 

In my entire career, writing for Entrepreneur India helped me to boost my personal brand the most. It powered-up my portfolio and helped me to crack many deals. 

Want to know how I started to write for Entrepreneur India? Here is my story- 

As I have already mentioned, I created my LinkedIn just to get into the Entrepreneur. 

And that became the best move of my life. 

For getting into Entrepreneur, I tried the submission form several times but it didn’t work and then I leveraged LinkedIn. I searched for the Entrepreneur’s page and the people working for it. Connecting with writers helped me to reach the right person. And finally, I managed to get into it. 

This method is the easiest way to get into any publication but remember, don’t piss off anyone by bombarding him/her with messages, a sweet message with a follow-up would work the best. 

Getting into your desired publications. 

Once I started to contribute to Entrepreneur India, Hackernoon, etc., I started to explore more and more publications and also how to contribute to them. 

Most people think that guest posting is worthless but they don’t see the long term benefits of guest posting. 

To put simply, the more you reach a new audience the more you develop your fanbase. Even if you’re a freelancer like me, publishing and promoting your content in front of new people always add sparks to your business. 

In search of new publications related to my niche, I stumbled upon 

The process of getting int B2C was quite simple- I used the form provided by B2C and got rejected. 🙁 

But after two months, I reapplied and voila, I was in. 

Moral- Never stop reapplying. 😉 

Many other websites like Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Journal, etc allows you to apply through an online form. Go try today! 

Make LinkedIn Work For You! 

How to do Guest Blogging in 2020: The Beginner’s Guide

It’s been quite a while since I sent my last newsletter, do you know why? Because I was preparing something great for you all and I will be sharing that at the end of this series.:) 

But for now, let’s get back to business. 

Have you ever tried LinkedIn for pitching to different publications? 

Because I did. 

After leveraging social media for becoming a blogger for Entrepreneur India, I became curious to explore more effective ways of leveraging LinkedIn. I started pitching to more and more publications. Out of 10 at least 1 or 2 replied. (Once I even messaged Jason Feifer, the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur Magazine and he actually replied) 

But this wasn’t enough because my LinkedIn profile was the first thing that anyone would notice about me and it wasn’t quite fascinating at all. And so, I tried to put more effort into powering up my LinkedIn portfolio. 

And the results were great. 

I started to receive more and more guest posting opportunities without even pitching to which I just published on the good ones. 

Trying Out Quora. 

To be honest, I haven’t tried it yet but for many people, Quora has worked like a magic spell. 

However, it takes a lot of time plus efforts to make Quora work for you but I have seen people who have even got to write for publications like Forbes and Inc. just through the use of Quora. 

Quora is a great platform when it comes to sharing your story and knowledge with the world. Moreover, when you start to write on Quora you don’t need to search for new topics but rather Quora itself will provide you with plenty of topics that are trending in your niche. 

Since I haven’t tried it yet like a pro, I certainly don’t have enough knowledge about it but there are a lot of great articles out there regarding the same. 

P.S.- In case you try Quora, let me know how it helped you. 🙂 


Over to you-

So hopefully, till now you have got some ideas about how can you start writing for various platforms. Now if you have a question, do let me know in the comments section and I will try my best to help. 🙂



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