Shweta Singh

Founder, UpTheReach, India

I have been working with Charu for the last few months and can say that she is a highly professional content writer who completes her job with full responsibility and always delivers on time. Her choice of words is totally amazing! Her articles always have a smooth flow of thoughts that hold the reader’s attention till the end. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her.

Kayla Naab

Owner, Brand Panache, Greater Seattle Area

Charu has been a delight to work with. She has routinely met deadlines ahead of schedule and she writes well-voiced and well-researched copy that requires few revisions. Charu is quickly becoming an asset for content projects that demand a fast turnaround and high-quality results.

Jorge Lafosse

Founder, Search Eclipse, Miami

Charu is an incredible writer that delivers amazing and incredible content. If you are looking for a top writer and that delivers, look no further! She has written amazing articles for us and is very receptive to feedback and delivers with amazing speed. High here TODAY!

Isaac Hammelburger

SEO Manager, WebbMason Marketing, Maryland

I’ve been working with Charu and her work is absolutely stellar. My clients have been raving about her content. She really goes above and beyond for her clients, constantly delivering ahead of schedule.

Tyler Basu

Co-Founder, Influencer Studio, Canada

I’ve utilized Charu’s content writing services and was very impressed with her quality of work and professionalism throughout the entire process. If you need someone to help create high-quality content for your business, I highly recommend her!